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The Perfect Pairing

Last Friday was a beautiful day. The sun was out, but there was a breeze, the sky was bright BRIGHT blue, and it just felt like a great day. I went down to 3rd Street South for a quiet lunch, so naturally I chose Ridgway Bar & Grill. Ridgway's has everything you'd want for lunch and dinner. The food is an elevated version of familiar American cuisine: you know what the menu items are, none of the dishes are over complicated, but the flavors are unmatched! I'll get more into the menu below, but for now let me walk you through the setting. The restaurant is right off of 13th Ave S so when you sit on the patio, you get the downtown feel without the crowds. They also have garden seating with a fountain and strung lights, which I recommend requesting to be sat there if you visit Ridgway's at night (it's absolutely stunning).

Now for the food (my favorite part). The lunch menu has items listed from $14-$29. I was having a hard time choosing between one of their bright salads and a few of the fantastic sounding lunch specials, but the grilled cheese & soup kept calling out to me. I thought soup might be a weird choice for a summer day, but it was honestly amazing. It was Tuscan white bean and ham and it might be one of my new favorite things. Seriously, it had a smokey, spicy taste with perfectly cooked veggies and scrumptious chunks of ham and the perfect amount of salt. I definitely recommend!

The grilled cheese was probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had, and I make a point of trying grilled cheese if a restaurant is bold enough to put it on the menu. This sandwich was soooooooooooooo good. It was creamy without being too stringy; buttery without being too greasy; it was everything a grilled cheese should be and MORE! And the bread, which is baked fresh at Tony's next door was the perfect amount of crunchy without being too hard.

For me this paired perfectly with a sprite, because it was lunch on a work day, but Ridgway has an impressive wine list as well.

For dessert, I actually went right next door to Tony's Off Third. The two locations are actually both owned by Tony Ridgway and the treats they offer are the perfect pairing after your meal at Ridgway's. Actually every time my husband and I visit 3rd we HAVE to go to Tony's for a treat.

This time I "treated" myself to a red velvet cupcake and an iced mocha. The cupcake was just as delicious as it looks! The icing was perfectly creamy and the cake was moist and spongy and amazing. Other confections that I'm sure I will write about in the future that I think you should try include the snowball, the key lime tart, and the carrot cake (especially the cupcake version).

Next time you're out at Ridgway's or Tony's snap a pic of what you get! Use the hashtag #pctvnaples and tag our page @paradisecoasttv -- we'd love to see what you had! Don't forget to look for me, Kate, around Naples too (I'm the girl in the neon yellow fanny pack). Just ask me where to go, what to do, and where to dine! I'd be happy to help you find your next adventure!

Take a look at my photos from Ridgway's and Tony's:

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