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The Arts for All Ages

Recently, I had the opportunity to see the Gulfshore Playhouse's production of The Little Mermaid Jr. put on by the students in their 2018 Summer Camp. It was absolutely spectacular! The props and costumes were top-notch and the acting was like no other kids' play I've ever seen! It reminded me of the plays we used to put on when I was in elementary school, except that you could tell these children really wanted to be there doing the best that they could do. So many talented young people all in the same place, it was very heart warming. I couldn't help but be proud of all of them, and I don't know any of them!

There were parts for all ages, ranging from the advanced older kids who took on the roles of Ursula and King Triton to the very young members of the chorus dressed in solid black waving green kelp ribbons and dancing along in the group numbers. All of the children did a fantastic job of acting, singing, and dancing. It was such a fun experience!

If you're interested in seeing a production at the Norris Center put on by our local and talented young people, I recommend you get tickets to see The Secret Garden, put on by the Teen Conservatory August 2 & 3, 2018. This performance will feature actors and actresses ages 13-18 and it's being directed by none other than Broadway star Jeffrey Binder! While you're there make note of all the other amazing shows coming up in Gulfshore Playhouse's 2018-2019 season. They're sure to be spectacular performances that you won't want to miss!


Check out some of the pictures I got while I was there:

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