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My New Go-To Sushi Spot

Yesterday I was really craving sushi. Usually on lunch break, I will just go to Publix and grab a pack of spicy tuna, but this time I wanted something with a little more flair. I did a quick google search and found this place Fuji really close to our office, so I decided to try it out. From the outside, it looks very clean and bright, but quaint. Inside it is small, but there's plenty of seating at tables, booths and at the sushi bar. They even have a few tables outside if you'd rather enjoy the breeze.

They offer a ton of different options on their menu, from traditional sushi and sashimi to special house rolls and poke bowls. They also have different lunch specials and bento boxes to choose from, which you don't find a whole lot of around here. The pricing is very comparable to other local sushi restaurants ranging from $7 to $25.

It was a rainy day so I decided to start with Miso Soup and Tempura Shrimp. The soup was the perfect temperature; not too hot for a summer day and just warm enough to compliment the gloomy storm clouds outside. It was the right amount of salty and the tofu was wonderfully soft. The shrimp on the side were beautifully crispy and the perfect temperature. I dipped them in the miso a couple of times and they went together wonderfully. If you decide on getting a soup, I recommend getting the miso with the shrimp. You won't be disappointed!

For my main meal I picked the Fuji Poke Bowl (pictured at the top) because my favorite thing about poke bowls is that they are basically deconstructed sushi rolls full of bright and beautiful ingredients. This one came with tuna, avocado, cucumber, Japanese pickles, edamame, and many other things on top of a bed of sushi rice and topped with a hearty amount of crab meat. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I didn't even add soy sauce, though it would have been great that way too, I just didn't think it needed anything else. Above and beyond one of the best poke bowls I've ever had and I highly recommend it.

I was pretty much stuffed by the end, but I couldn't resist asking what they had for dessert. They had a Thai donut or tempura fried cheesecake. I asked the waiter which was better and he said they were both delicious, but his favorite was the cheesecake. I had to have it! Guys, it does not disappoint. It was flakey on the outside, but it was still yummy and cold on the inside. The actual cheesecake was creamy and soft and the blueberry sauce on top was out of this world. Make sure you save enough room for this, it is a MUST TRY.

If you have a favorite restaurant send me a message at I'd love to check it out!


Check out all of the pictures I took while I was there:

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