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My Favorite Sandwich EVER

On the corner of Pine Ridge Rd. and Livingston in Naples sits a strip of restaurants and businesses that are all awesome and worth a trip inside, but the one that stands out BY FAR is Meridian Cafe. Our whole staff at PCTV loves, loves, LOVES the food there. We are known to go have a lunch meeting or three just because we miss the soup (which you can order a quart of to take home with you). The other day in fact, one of our owners went to have a meeting there and I tagged along just because I've been wanting to show off pictures of the sandwiches there, but I've never captured a photo with my iPhone that did the plate justice. And mission accomplished: here it is below!

All of the food here is made from fresh local ingredients each day, except the bread, which is baked locally and I believe it's also delivered fresh every day. That's the feeling you get when you're at Meridian: Fresh! Every bite of every dish is filled with the most amazing flavors. Their current menu has items that range from $8.75-$14.25 and they serve breakfast all day.

If you haven't been there yet I recommend scheduling yourself a trip ASAP. It's the perfect spot for a lunch meeting, a day date, a meal by yourself, or with friends. You can also have it delivered to you through a few of the food delivery services, so if you can't get out of the office or the house, have them come to you!

I started with a bowl of the clam chowder (pictured above) and finished up with the Turkey & Blueberry (pictured at the top), which comes on a signature pink brioche bun (yeah, I said pink!!) and a side of home made fries and a pickle. The actual sandwich has melty delicious brie cheese, an insanely tasty blueberry mustard and Boar's Head turkey served on that super cool pink bun I mentioned. I heard tell that the color comes from beet root powder, though you can't taste it; it just tastes like the best bread ever.

My business associate Matt (who doubles as my husband) also started with a soup, the cream of mushroom and then he had the Grilled Impossible Burger (pictured above).

Ten out of Five Stars. Go try them today!!!!!

Check out the photos I got while I was there:

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