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How to Get Noticed on Social Media: Tips for organic posts

Who's noticed a dip in the ability to reach people using hashtags on platforms like Instagram or Facebook recently. You're not alone. A couple of years ago it was really easy to reach huge amounts of people using hashtags because the current "interest related" algorithms weren't yet in place. Now it's a little trickier because the different social media platforms are looking to make the user's experience the most enjoyable, so they're filtering out things that may not interest them. This is all based on things they've "liked" recently or videos they've watched for certain amounts of time. The algorithms take all this into consideration when they put together a users news feed. That's why you may notice that if you like one of your friends posts from this morning, you suddenly get three more posts that the same friend has posted over the last few days back to back. The social bots have recognized that other user as someone that you have interest in, so they're giving you more content they think you'll like. Similarly if you pass a few photos or posts from another friend and don't like it, the bots may not show you another post by that friend for a little while.

Now, you can't blame the platforms for wanting their users to enjoy their time on the apps, that's their job. But it is making our jobs just a little more challenging. But who doesn't love a challenge right? So here's a few tips we have for how to reach the audience you're used to.

First, make sure you're taking frequent, beautiful and informative photos. You want your followers to be interested in what you're putting out there and content for contents sake isn't always the answer. Try to make sure you do something semi-regularly that they can look forward to, like a daily pic of one of your specials if you're a restaurant, or a picture of a great view from one of your hotel rooms. You can check out our Instagram account here. We like to post pictures of fun things to do around Naples, mostly of our clients and their businesses to help with their marketing but we make sure there's a good representation of Collier attractions so visitors have an idea of what they can do while they're in town.

Next, make your own hashtag and encourage your followers, visitors, and constituents to use it. For example, our hashtag is #pctvnaples. True, you won't get any new followers from using this hashtag at first since it is new, however once it starts to build and people see their friends using this hashtag of yours, they may be interested in finding out what it's all about which leads them to you.

Third, Share, Share SHARE!!! This one is specific to Facebook. If you post to Facebook, have all your employees share the posts. The Facebook algorithms will show your post to more of your followers if it's being shared because they trust that it has content that people enjoy seeing. It will help you reach a larger organic audience and cost you less of your boosting budget.

If you have any other questions about social media, please reach out to us! We're always happy to schedule a meeting to consult on building your business through social networks. Check out this article by our producer Matt Romary about all the ways social media can help you!

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