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How Do I Find the Best Places to Visit in Naples, FL?

Have you ever gone to a city on vacation and turned on your hotel TV to find a channel solely devoted to things you should do while in town? Things like local tours, top-rated restaurants, and fun family-friendly excursions that are unique to the area you’re visiting. Something like the way Disney markets their different parks and shops to it’s hotel guests. They have a channel on (what feels like) a one-hour loop that tells you all about the best rides at the Magic Kingdom followed by all the best water slides at Typhoon Lagoon. Heck, they now have a whole separate program now for just their shopping/dining at Disney Springs. But did you know that Disney isn’t the only place that has a channel like this?

That’s right! In fact, right here in Naples, you can tune into any one of the 3,800+ hotel room televisions from Marco Island up to North Naples and find a channel specifically dedicated to where to go, what to do, and where to dine while you’re in town! The program features hosts that take you on a trip around the iconic areas of Collier County, touching on all the most memorable places to enjoy yourself while you’re here.

What channel is it? The Paradise Coast TV Hotel Channel can be found on different channels throughout the different hotels and resorts, but to make it easy, we’ve linked a channel guide right here. Many of the hotels, however, have the hotel channel set to the default channel that comes on when you turn on your television, making it even more convenient for you to plan your day out on the town!

If you happen to be in one of the few hotels that doesn’t have the Paradise Coast TV Hotel Channel yet, you can also check the PCTV website to watch the same video, or to find out a little more about each of the places mentioned during the program. For more information on Where to Go, What to Do, or Where to Dine in Naples, click here!

We hope you enjoy your stay in Naples!

Looking to advertise your local business on the PCTV hotel channel? Click here for more information and here to set up an appointment with a member of our staff. See you soon!

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